Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Historical Mansions of Kütahya

These are examples of 19th century civil architecture and are still in their original state. They provide the most beautiful examples of old mansion culture with their two or three storey designs. The original wooden buttresses, window style and wide eaves can be seen. Ground floors were designed as stone-floored for the kitchen, cellar, store and agricultural tools. The bathrooms are upstairs. The wooden ceilings, wardrobes, chimney hoods, shelves and doors are all engraved.

‘The historical houses of stand with their whitened faces in the dark, and windows with railings. Metallic knockers on doors appear under the lights. Their own house had a hand-shape knocker. Cold and iron black the knocker would get warm just with a touch, as if shaking hands with people. Seyfi dreamed of the hands of a girl from Kütahya. Door knockers of these rows of white and yellow houses, were designed according to the sex of the caller of the caller.  If the tick bow-shape, deep-voiced knocker was used, the caller would be male, so a male would open the door. If the ring-shaped, soft-voiced knocker was used, the caller would be female so a female would open the door.’


 (Sevinç Çokum,in the book Rozalya Ana)