Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


The street of Kütahya welcomes its visitors with a fountain on every corner. Because the city is set on a plateau on high ground and with its rich forested areas there is plenty of water. Ceramic tiles seen in the architecture of Kütahya since Seljuk times abound in these fountains. Fountains can be dated by the ceramic tiles when no inscription is available. On ceramic fountains the inscription is on a dark blue background surrounded by leaf designs on a white ground on two sides. Hürriyet Fountain is made of marble. On the three-part frontal, there is an arch with sultans signature and o two sides there are star reliefs. Under frontal with a two line inscription, there is a deep round arch with a lock. Salihler Fountain is decorated with motives and its inscription is   ornamented with tiles.