Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Martyrs Cemetery and Memorials


The ‘’ which occurred in Dumlupınar was an important moment for the formation of the and changed worl history. The battle started in Afyonkarahisar- Kocatepe on and ended in Dumlupınar in with victory. During the so-called ‘Great Advance’, also known as ‘Afyonkarahisar- Kocatepe Squre Wars’, Head Commander Mustafa Kemal Atatürk  gave his famous command: ‘Arrives your first objective is the Mediterranean Forward’ in Dumlupınar on September 1st ,1922.

The regions of Zafertepe-Çalköy and Dumlupınar are covered with museums and monuments for the memory of martyrs of that war.

Located in Zafertepe-Çalköy from where the Head Commander Square War was controlled. It has triangle blocks facing different directions and it resembles a torch from a distance. It stands for the Turkish Nations struggle against invading armies and celebrates the victory that occurred on August 30th.

The Monuments of Martyr Sançaktar Mehmetçik and of Captain Harputlu Şekip Efendi are in Dumlupınar; The Museum of The War OF Independence, Atatürk’s House, the Atatürk Monument, Father and Son Martyr Monument, Milisler(armed populace) Monument and Monuments of Gazi Mustafa Pasha (Three Commanders) are all in the Cemetery in Dumlupınar.