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In the of near the town of is the Kasalıç Nature Protection Zone. It is reached via a long road at along the Domaniç-İnegöl highway. In the middle Aegean Region, it is surrounded with by a steppe ecosystem and is comparable to the forest ecosystem of the . It is a perfect environment for unspoilt beech-black pine forests. The zone has a rich selection of flora and wild life. Beech and black pine are the most common tree species. There are also oak and poplar trees. Other species include wild pear, pear, blackberry, nettle, meadow saffron (crocus), bear grape and wild strawberry. Main animal species are bear, boar, deer, fox, rabbit, badger, and hedgehog.

Vakıf Pine Grove  Nature Protection Zone

Vakıf Pine Grove Nature Protection Zone located in Tavşanlı, part of the , comprises a 685 square hectare area and is reached by a 4 km-long road that starts from along the Kütahya-Tavşanlı highway. This zone is the only habitat of ehrami black pine which faces extinction. There is also pinus nigra which is a kind of black pine and is only found in . Thus, in this zone two kinds of black pine exist together which makes this a unique ecosystem. As well as the pine there are also juniper, oak, poplar, willow and lime trees. Main wild life species are fox, badger, rabbit, partridge and quail.

There is a thousand year old chestnut tree about 7km from Kütahya, in , Boyacılar. There are three protected trees in total that have shown an interesting development. They still bear fruit and the largest is especially is more like a monument because of its 8m diameter and 20m height.

Pine of Mızık is in Domur Village of Domaniç. The cradles of Ottoman emperors, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi’s were made from the wood of this tree. Today this historical tree is under protection.